We are a non-profit civil society organization that works to implement sustainable development projects from the conservation, restoration and preservation of ecosystems.

We collaborate with vulnerable communities to implement sustainable production systems and solutions based on nature, we align our actions to the SDGs to propose solutions towards a sustainable future.



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Why Hurakaan Eco-tactics?

We are an organization born in motion, made up of people with years of experience in environmental activism.

We live in the midst of political, social, economic and environmental chaos. We want to be people who offer a service of ecysistems restoration actions and to achieve it we need to be in a central control so that within the chaos we can have order and thus be able to offer a work of resilience to climate change.

We try to plan and execute without emotions, without passions and with the seriousness that allow us to focus the sense in one direction, like a hurricane.

Always with a respectful lenguage and mutual collaboration.


The planet demands us to stop and analize the way we do things, to go back to the basics and give it a chance to recover. On the other hand, man demands development and growth. We need a balance and we find a pure analogy to base ourselves on a “producing by conserving and conserving by producing” concept.


  • Build an allies network, formed by members and volunters from all the country who represent and execute the general agenda.
  • Promote campaigns with actions for the protection of the sea turtle, waste management (from collecting to the sustainable final destination), coral propagation, reforestation, species monitoring, illegal fishing, anti-captivity of marine mammals and species trafficking.
  • Train and be trained in techniques for environmental conservation.
  • Disseminate educational programs and workshop in communities that allow them to adopt permaculture and ecological construction techniques, rescue and fauna rehabilitation.
  • Promote areas voluntarily designated for conservation.
  • Make agreements with universities to promote research projects that support our actions.
  • Develop concepts that generate awareness and motion in different sectors of the society through conservation marketing strategies.
  • Assist and support conservation efforts in protected natural areas.

Become aware in time

Feel the wind, the calmed water, watch the fish in silence and feel bathed by the sun rays. Sensations that we would never change and would be different if we were not aware that we are doing something to preserve them”.

Albar Alcántar ….Hurakaan eco-tactics C. A. official volunteer

we are hurakaan eco-tactics.